How many potential investors can I reach with your service?
According to a study, nearly all investors in alternative investments worldwide are subscribed to at least one of the major database providers. Only a small fraction of mainly large institutional investors uses their own proprietary databases.

On how many databases will my fund be listed?
Our flat monthly fee includes 12 databases, otherwise the price will be adjusted accordingly. A listing in more than 12 databases at the request of the client is possible.

Can I add other databases than those mentioned on your site / will you update other databases where my funds are already listed?
Yes, you are free to choose any database you prefer and we update any other databases as well as long as special equipement (i.e. data terminal) is not a requirement for those databases.

How long does it take to get listed?
Depending on the database a listing usually takes 2-4 weeks. However, with some providers it may take up to 8 weeks until your fund will be included in the database.

Are there additional costs?
No, our monthly fee of € 100,- covers everything. We will only list you on free databases.

Can you guarantee that my fund gets listed on each database?
Depending on their unique criteria, it is up to each database provider to accept or reject individual listings. We do not have any control over who will be admitted. However, should your listing be rejected by the majority of providers, we will adjust the monthly price accordingly or refund your payment entirely.

Can I choose value added listings on certain databases?
Yes, you may choose other listing options that involve additional costs.

What are the requirements for a database listing?

The requirements vary depending on the database provider and may also vary on a case to case basis.

What happens if my fund cannot get listed on the majority of databases?
The monthly price includes a listing on at least 12 databases, otherwise the price will be reduced accordingly.

How do I know where my fund is listed?
We send you a detailed status report which shows you where your fund is listed, which providers rejected your listing and what the reasons were for the rejection.

Can I check my listings?
Yes, some providers give registered funds full access to their (online) database. We will gladly send you the password and username, enabling you to browse their listings and to check how your listing appears. Other database providers do not offer access, making it necessary to subscribe to their on- or offline database.

Can you tell me in advance what databases will most likely accept or reject my listing?
No, there are certain criteria that might exclude you from different databases but the majority decides on a case to case basis. Only after we have started the registration process with various providers we will be able to give you a detailed report.

Why is the minimum subscription term one year?
The initial data collection and the registration with all databases requires a lot of work. This is a costly process that will be paid for over the lifetime of your subscription.

Is the subscription fee refundable?
If we stop offering this service or are unable to deliver the promised service, you will of course be fully refunded for the unused part of your subscription. If however, you decide to stop reporting to databases or delist your fund for various reasons, the subscription fee is non-refundable.

Can I exclude certain databases?
Yes, if you do not wish to get listed on certain databases, you can exclude those.

I only want to be listed on a few selected databases
Although we think that a listing in all major databases gives every fund the maximum exposure to potential investors, we will gladly make you an individual offer depending on your special requirements.

How do you make sure that my listing will not be construed as general solicitation and advertising?
We screen all databases to make sure that they maintain certain standards and comply with the rules set forth by the SEC or their respective jusrisdiction. All databases we utilize are password protected, giving access to accredited investors only.

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