Listing Process

While working with funds on different projects, we learned that most funds wanted to be included in as many databases as possible. However, they simply did not have the time to do the time-consuming initial registration on every database and to take care of the regular monthly updates.

Although some administrators offer to list their clients on various databases, they charge enormous fees and they too will only list you on a limited number of databases. They tell their clients that being listed on 3 major databases is sufficient. This is not true. There are a lot of database providers who cater to a different and unique clientel. By ignoring these providers your fund may not reach every potential investor for your firm and fund(s).

We realized that managers wanted a low cost, yet reliable and knowledgeable outsourcing solution for their database listings. Simply outsourcing to some third party won't do the job, since a fundamental understanding of the business and the various strategies is required to list your funds accurately.

HMS Fund Service delivers all that. We offer you a very low cost, yet reliable and professional solution for your needs. With us you can rest assured that all listings fulfil the highest standards and that all future updates are done on time.

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HMS Fund Services is a company incorporated and registered in Germany.

Our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of the alternative investment universe. This is necessary to list your fund according to your requirements.

Our competent staff can help you improve your image through professional listings in all major databases.

We would be glad to welcome you to our long list of satisfied customers.

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