Listing Process

Being listed on a database is one thing - keeping all the information up-to-date another.

If you do not plan on updating your records in a timely and accurate manner you should seriously consider not getting listed at all.

Most investors will not consider funds who update their listings infrequently or even worse have outdated information.

The advantages of using our service are:

Reach more potential investors

Be ahead of the competition

Every major database covered

Very cost effective marketing tool

Listings are always up to date and accurate

Fast updates are a sign of professionalism

Automatic registration with new database providers

Get only listed on databases that fulfil the compliance requirements set forth by the SEC ( Lamp Compliant ) or their respective jurisdictions.

No more problems if the employee who is in charge of the database updates and listings leaves the firm

One of the biggest problems with existing listings is if the employee responsible for the updates leaves your firm. Sometimes noone knows where the fund is listed, how to update the listing or check the accuracy of the listing. With us you can rest assured that your listings will always be accurate and up-to-date.


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